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erica's journal

erica jo

i'm erica jo. born & raised in milwaukee, wisconsin. true to stereotypes, i love cheese. i live with my husband, mark. we have three cats, booby, mucci, and denny. i'm currently attending college for health services. and i'm LOVING it! got a kid on the way, due february 2013. i love doodling toasters, taking pictures, playing games on my cell phone like words with friends and bakery story, blowing bubbles, and watching tv. i'm always treading the thin line between being a kid and being a grown-up. i just like to have fun.

black eyed peas, justin timberlake, maroon 5, the supremes, lady gaga, incubus, marvin gaye, nelly furtado, natasha bedingfield, taylor swift, daft punk, p!nk, britney spears, mindless self indulgence, ani difranco, the temptations, nelly furtado, christina aguilera, red hot chili peppers, the miracles, fefe dobson, lauryn hill

glee, modern family, late night with jimmy fallon, grey's anatomy, the office, community, robot chicken, family guy, cougar town, better with you, chowder

ferris bueller's day off, finding nemo, cable guy, the breakfast club, high fidelity, clerks, toy story, back to the future, kill bill, the hangover, closer, dumb & dumber, scott pilgrm vs. the world, fifth element, madagascar, superbad, office space, super troopers, sin city, the wedding singer, groundhog day, when harry met sally

watchers by dean koontz, spilling open by sabrina ward harrison, bought by anna david, suck it, wonder woman! by olivia munn

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$, accents, air hockey, ansel adams, anxiety, art, asl, beakman's world, best buy, beta fish, black makeup, black t-shirts, bowling, boys, caffeine, captel, cats, chai, chasing amy, cheese, chinese food, clerks, clerks 2, collages, college, conversations via lj commentage, cool summer nights, creativity, dancing, digital art, digital photography, dogma, dogs, dorks, dreadlocks, dreams, drinking, driving, drunk dialing, epic fail, family guy, fifth element, finding nemo, fonts, fraggle rock, friends, fucking, goodwill, google, graphic design, guitars, hair dye, hello kitty, high fidelity, html, hydrogen peroxide, icons, ihop, insomnia, kevin smith, kissing, kitties, lattes, lava lamps, layouts, lightning, livejournal, long hair, love, love actually, lust, mad pride, magic eight ball, mail, makeup, making out, masturbation, mens briefs, messenger bags, milwaukee, mood themes, morbid curiousity, mountain dew, music, nelly furtado, not being pregnant, old school, oldies, pcos, peanut butter and jelly, people that like me, pete & pete, phoebe buffay, photography, pictures, piercings, pizza, playgrounds, poetry, poop frankness, pop music, postcards, pride, pro-choice, procrastination, rain, road trips, rochambos, romantic comedies, rummage sales, sabrina ward harrison, sandra cisneros, scrubs, sex, sex and the city, sex toys, sexual frankness, shopping, sign language, singing in my car, six feet under, sleep, sleeping, social anxiety disorder, sporks, star gazing, starbucks, staying up all night, sterling silver, summer, taco bell, taking pictures, text messages, the muppet show, the office, thrift stores, thumb wrestling, toasters, torrid, vans, video games, wisconsin, writing, youtube,